This actually almost made me cry from when i saw this. If you are a wrestling fan, you can understand what i mean. The wrestler "The Undertaker" real name Mark Calloway, is WORLD famous from his demonic/zombie like gimmick. In the attitude era, he had the "Ministry of Darkness". Then there was the corporation. Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Farrooq (Ron Simmons), Bradshaw (John Layfield), and Big Boss Man (Ray Traylor). The Illuminati are satanists, just like i have been saying in my previous posts. In this particular situation in the attitude era, Vince McMahon is clearly showing how the corporates/government, are the ones on top. They're showing how the government (corporation), who worships satanism (ministry), are on top over the world (WORLD wrestling federation at the time). Having the World "champion" being "The Undertaker". Then the Acolytes , Farrooq & Bradshaw, have the satanic pentagram on the sides of their tights. Also, Vince McMahon's theme song says it straight forward, "No Chance In Hell" meaning we stand no chance against the New World Order.

 Now currently in the WWE, there are wrestlers such as John Cena, Edge, Triple H and Shad that are showing satanic and demonic signs and hand signs in front of everyone. John Cena does the three 6 hand sign during his entrance and he has been seen doing the SAME hook' em/ devils horns hand sign

Triple H is showing the signs clearly also, like the "Knights Templar" cross, and the "Skull and Bones" details in his logos.

Shad from Cryme Tyme has a demon as a logo on his t-shirt and a tattoo of it on his chest. Later, he took time off of WWE and gets the tattoo of the all-seeing eye on his left shoulder.